Cedar Rhapsody School of Music

Meet Angie

Angie has been teaching guitar lessons since 1994. She started out renting space out of West Music, and eventually graduated to her own space in 2015.

Thanks to her skills as a musician and a teacher, Angie steadily grew her business to the point where she actually needed to rent out the space next door to make room.

Angie reached out to us to help her rebrand her business because she was growing, and wanted to take her business to a new level: she was transitioning from strictly guitar lessons to teaching a variety of instruments and vocals.

Angie has spent years positioning herself as the premier guitar instructor in Cedar Rapids and she wanted her brand to reflect that.

Full Rebrand


After our initial meeting, we could already tell that this was going to be a great project.

Angie was running a very successful guitar lesson business. She was making money, her students loved her, and most importantly, Angie seemed excited about the prospect of growing
and rebranding.

After a couple strategy sessions with owner James and strategist Lynn, we had some really great insights about her business as it was, and as she saw it becoming.

Angie was growing. She was transitioning from a very personal brand, “CR Guitar Girl” which communicated that she was just one person and only offered guitar lessons — into a full blown music school offering a variety of instrument lessons and vocal lessons. This required more space, some contract employees, and a brand spanking new brand identity.

With the Brand Strategy sessions out of the way, it was time to move on to the Brand Identity (or visual design) phase.


Angie is the best guitar instructor in town, and she needs her potential customers to know that. Her previous logo communicated fun and playful. While Angie is very fun she is also a professional instructor with decades of experience and proven methods. She also charges more than most people in town and her brand needs to communicate that she’s well worth the investment.

Her previous logo while clever and well designed, doesn’t scale well and loses a lot of the detail when you zoom out.

The new logo incorporates a music note, a general symbol of music rather than the previous guitar logo, since Angie’s school will now be offering a wide variety of instrument lessons beyond just guitar.

The new logo is scalable, and looks great on light and dark backgrounds. The logo also looks great on a T-shirt or hat. The logo also has a great icon that is very memorable.


Now that we’ve established a solid brand, voice and target demographic it’s time to implement our ideas and designs.

First things first Angie got herself a new sign for the studio! It looks great, it’s eye catching and welcoming and brings a ton of legitimacy to the business.

Then it was time to start on the website. Our designer Devin put together a beautiful layout, and owner James got to work turning it into a functional website.

James used WordPress and built a custom theme.

Check out her new website: https://cedarrhapsody.com